Hello there

My name is Nicholas Smeele.
PhD researcher who loves to build things.

I am a PhD candidate and researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology, where I am part of the Erasmus Choice Modelling Centre, BEHAVE Group (previously), and CityAI Lab. My research focuses on the intersection of machine learning, (micro-)econometrics, decision theory, and (medical) ethics. I am particularly interested in developing machine learning models for moral choice analysis in the (public) healthcare domain.

Before this, I obtained my master's in Data Science at Erasmus University Rotterdam. My master's thesis aimed at algorithmic fairness to control and mitigate gender discrimination in deep learning models. In my free time, I love to build things, train neural nets (and, of course, get a workout in by myself), and refill my desire to explore the beauty of our planet by travelling as much aspossible.